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Kenson School of Production Technology

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Our Offshore Production Operator Training Programme is about to begin. Register today! Click on the link below for more information.

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Check out our programmes in the Energy Industry. Our Registration has started. Click on the link below to view courses.

Cutting-edge training

Our course selection boasts a wide range of programmes for oil & gas personnel as well as the general public. We offer a diverse array of locally- and internationally-accredited programmes to suit many needs. Explore our courses here.

Local and 

International Recognition

We are proud to be registered with and accredited by a number of agencies in Trinidad & Tobago, the UK, and the US to bring you the most robust and modern training experience. Learn more about our accreditation here.


Our students are the bedrock of our school. Ensuring they are well equipped, trained and prepared for the world of work is our top priority. Read more student testimonials here.

The Kenson School of Production Technology is the premier tertiary training institution for oil & gas professionals and technicians in the Caribbean.

The Kenson School of Production Technology is striding towards being the leader in training for the energy sector in Trinidad and Tobago and beyond. The school has developed special alliances and in-house capabilities to deliver training in operations and maintenance, assessment, and support skills for technical employees and persons interested in entering the industry. We also provide short courses and workshops for non-technical employees as well as for the general public including secondary school students, teachers, auditors, accountants, customer service representatives and others.

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