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Timothy Harris

The Kenson School of Production Technology has been instrumental to my success and development. I completed the IVQ Level 3 - Mechanical Maintenance Technician course (MMT08) as well as the Level 4 - Offshore Production Operator Training (OPOT10). My classroom experience was a positive one. Classes are well-lit, spacious, air conditioned and well appointed. The classrooms are equipped with media support which are used in the teaching process. The environment is conducive to learning.

  The quality of teaching was excellent for both lectures and labs. Kenson employs lecturers that not only have a vast theoretical knowledge on the subject matter but also brings with them years of experience and expertise in the given field. I was particularly impressed with how the lecturers would challenge you to be an independent thinker, a problem solver and to always strive for betterment. I remember making 95 marks in a given unit and my lecturer said, “Timothy that is excellent but the 5 marks you lost revisit those areas and be proficient at it. Be a Technician among Technicians and an Operator among Operators. Let your work and attention to detail be what you are known by.” Those words have resonated with me.

   Interaction with staff has always been professional, courteous and cordial. They were always willing to provide assistance when needed. The facilities at the Kenson School of Production Technology, its labs and simulator provide a realistic representation of an Offshore Installation. Students are able to interface with the three phase separator and the well control panel in a safe and controlled environment.

   Kenson remains at the pinnacle for training in the Oil and Gas sector, as their courses and training are relevant to the industry and are utilized by many exploration, production and service companies. I wholeheartedly recommend Kenson as your preferred institution for excellent training in the Oil and Gas sector. It would be a very expedient decision one that you won't regret.

 Timothy M Harris Bsc

OPOT10 & MMT08





My Name is Christine Fields and I am a former student of the IVQ, Process Technician Programme at the Kenson School of Production Technology Limited.  Enrolling at this institution was a very fulfilling experience and one that I truly enjoyed. The real life simulation training helped prepare me for actual fieldwork on the plant. The courses covered in the programme were also very relevant to the day-to-day activities of a plant technician and an awareness of safety in a hazardous environment.

I had the opportunity of having a knowledgeable lecturer, who not only focused academics, but also encouraged myself and my classmates to continue aiming high to achieve excellence. This fostered a sharing and motivating learning environment and I would recommend anyone who is interested in the field of Oil and Gas to begin their journey with Kenson School. Kenson provides a stepping-stone for employment, which will help grow your career and future to brighter prospects and endeavors, which they did for me. My hard work definitely paid off as I was hired by the Kenson Group of Companies, after completing my program.

Christine Fields

PT 40




My overall my experience at the Kenson School of Production Technology has been exceptional. I completed the Process Technician programme at the institution and I am now a current student the Offshore Operator Training Program. The learning environment was stress free and even the lay-out of the classroom ensured active participation between students and lecturers. The classrooms are also equipped with media support for quick reference guides, which have proven to be greatly helpful.

During my course of study at the Kenson School of Production Technology I have been exposed to three lecturers, who possess great knowledge and experience in their related fields. These lecturers communicate effectively with students ensuring the smooth transfer of knowledge.  The staff members were also very courteous and helpful. They are always willing to assist with any queries and ensure that all student matters are resolved in a timely manner.

The facilities at the Kenson School provide students, like myself, with first hand experience on an Offshore Installation.  The school’s simulator is a basic representation of the offshore facility’s equipment and layout. Thus allowing students to become familiar with the safe use and function of equipment they will meet in their line of work. The facilities at the institution is also very inviting, clean and well kept ensuring a comfortable learning experience.

Peter Bryce                                                                                                                           PT 34; OPOT 11


jonathon m.singh


My experience in the classroom has been one that was very interactive between peers and lecturers. The
teaching style and course curriculum allowed me to grasp at information and knowledge preparing/ grooming me for the Oil and Gas Environment. The quality of the information passed on by experienced and very well knowledgeable lecturers has been one like no other. They have passed on the best platform of knowledge, skills and required values to prepare me for the cooperate world. Mr. Trevor Collette, Thank You for passing on “ALL” your experiences and valuable knowledge that I now utilize in my career currently. My interaction with staff has been one of a congenial environment, be it Administrative Staff to the Janitors, and all Lecturers, has given their support which assisted me throughout my tertiary level education learning curve, which is never an easy transition. The transition has been seamless due to their continuous support and professional guidance. The well-equipped Facilities (Classroom Settings), Simulator (Live Processes), Laboratory has been an experience which I felt comfortable and assisted me to assimilate information/ knowledge at a rapid pace as I am a Practical Style Learner. The Kenson School of Production Technology, Simulator was my first Live Process experience as a student which gave me the confidence and physical knowledge of the basic principles of Oil and Gas Process Operations.
My Transition from being a student at the Kenson School of Production Technology to gaining employment with the Kenson Group of Companies was a success. I was offered the opportunity of working as an Operations Technician at BHPBilliton for a duration of four years where I gained most of my corporate knowledge and professional experience, enabling me to now be permanently employed with SHELL Trinidad and Tobago Limited. The theoretical and practical knowledge in which I gained throughout my studies was applied in my field of career, enabling me to understand and operate in the Oil and Gas processing environment in which I was exposed to, at the Offshore Production Facilities. ALL in ALL I am a proud student of the Kenson School of Production Technology. I am forever grateful and Thank You.

Johnathon M. Singh
Cohort/ Class - PT-7/ OPOT-7

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My experience attending the Kenson School of Production Technology Limited was very worthwhile.  The level of professionalism from the staff members and lecturers exhibited during my time as a student was remarkable and I am elated to pursue other relevant courses pertinent to my job role.

I particularly want to highlight my lecturers Mr Trevor Collette and Mr. Ramesh Bharat for delivering the relevant material that was not just applicable to passing exams, but to apply all the individual concepts on my job as an Operator. I currently work as a Tank Farm Operator within the Petroleum Industry of Trinidad and Tobago (Petrotrin) and I would encourage any future students to enroll within the Kenson School of Production Technology Limited because they offer both theoretical and practical knowledge of Industrialized Operations.

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James Nicholas

My name is James Nicholas and I attended the Kenson School of Production Technology between the period of 2015 to 2016. During that period I pursued the Level 3 Production IVQ Advanced Diploma in Oil and Gas Operations – Process Technician qualification, which turned out to be one of the most beneficial training experiences I’ve had.

The overall structure of the program was designed and executed quite professionally. Course material was delivered most effectively by competent lecturers, whose personal experiences provided valuable insight and aided my understanding of complex concepts and principles.

The administrative staff at the school was always ready to lend a hand and comprised of some of the most accommodating persons I’ve ever come across. Most memorably, students were treated like family, and all matters brought to their attention were treated with both alacrity and careful attention.

Overall the facilities were adequate to satisfy the demands of this course. The library and computer lab were particularly useful resources for researching and revision of course material. Most outstanding was the plant simulator. For those who us who never stepped foot on a processing plant; simulations provided practical understanding and exposure to the theoretical concepts covered (Job safety analysis, start up and shut down etc.)    

I can’t speak highly enough of this course!