Kenson School of Production Technology





My Name is Christine Fields and I am a former student of the IVQ, Process Technician Programme at the Kenson School of Production Technology Limited.  Enrolling at this institution was a very fulfilling experience and one that I truly enjoyed. The real life simulation training helped prepare me for actual fieldwork on the plant. The courses covered in the programme were also very relevant to the day-to-day activities of a plant technician and an awareness of safety in a hazardous environment.

I had the opportunity of having a knowledgeable lecturer, who not only focused academics, but also encouraged myself and my classmates to continue aiming high to achieve excellence. This fostered a sharing and motivating learning environment and I would recommend anyone who is interested in the field of Oil and Gas to begin their journey with Kenson School. Kenson provides a stepping-stone for employment, which will help grow your career and future to brighter prospects and endeavors, which they did for me. My hard work definitely paid off as I was hired by the Kenson Group of Companies, after completing my program.

Christine Fields

PT 40




My overall my experience at the Kenson School of Production Technology has been exceptional. I completed the Process Technician programme at the institution and I am now a current student the Offshore Operator Training Program. The learning environment was stress free and even the lay-out of the classroom ensured active participation between students and lecturers. The classrooms are also equipped with media support for quick reference guides, which have proven to be greatly helpful.

During my course of study at the Kenson School of Production Technology I have been exposed to three lecturers, who possess great knowledge and experience in their related fields. These lecturers communicate effectively with students ensuring the smooth transfer of knowledge.  The staff members were also very courteous and helpful. They are always willing to assist with any queries and ensure that all student matters are resolved in a timely manner.

The facilities at the Kenson School provide students, like myself, with first hand experience on an Offshore Installation.  The school’s simulator is a basic representation of the offshore facility’s equipment and layout. Thus allowing students to become familiar with the safe use and function of equipment they will meet in their line of work. The facilities at the institution is also very inviting, clean and well kept ensuring a comfortable learning experience.

Peter Bryce

PT 34; OPOT 11